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Wooden gift box - flat six

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The perfect format for storing our sparkling wine in your cellar. Our fire-branded, lay-down six bottle wooden gift boxes are custom made from Australian certified sustainable plantation timber by Barrossa Enterprises in South Australia. Packed with heat-treated, certified sustainable plantation Tasmanian wood-wool. All components are suitable for postage overseas.

Our interest in making wine started early. When Frieda was eight years-old, on a dairy farm in New Zealand, she decided to tread grapes from the garden in her mother’s bread-pan. She poured the juice directly into bottles but that first time, didn’t cap them and the fizzy mess spilled all over the floor.

You could say fizz has always been her thing.

David started making wine at eleven, in a leafy Melbourne suburb, and never stopped. We still have that first bottle of plum wine around somewhere.

We’ve always loved sparkling wine but the decision to specialise in making it came whilst working for a local contract winemaker. Many clients had a sparkling wine in their portfolio but we felt there was so much unrealized potential. In 2010 we founded Henskens Rankin of Tasmania with just two tonne of fruit in tiny parcels and a vision of creating a new, uniquely Tasmanian style of sparkling.

We believe that to realise the true potential of Tasmanian fruit you can’t always  play by the rules and we deliberately choose small-scale, artisanal approaches to our winemaking, always seeking to maximise quality. Doing crazy things carefully.

Unashamedly luxurious and informed by our professional backgrounds in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management we founded Henskens Rankin of Tasmania on the principle that true luxury is ethical. It guides how we choose our partners. It extends beyond what’s in the bottle to every aspect of the business, particularly our supply chain: wherever possible our packaging is ethically-sourced, re-useable, compostable and recyclable.

It’s a journey in progress. 


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